Saturday, August 22, 2009

Drinking on the job.

My job definitely has it's perks, one being that we spend nights away from home, with no responsibility other than to show up to the airplane in the morning. Sometimes this is a blessing, sometimes a curse.
When I have nothing to get accomplished in my personal life it seems like I have really lame crews at work-meaning the rest of the people I am working with don't want to go out and do anything when we get to our hotel for the day(in the industry they are known as Slam Clickers- they slam the door and click it locked and don't leave until report time the next day). Usually this happens in the middle of winter, when it's not appropriate to sit by the pool and read smut all day. When I have a lot to accomplish in my personal life(like calling my insurance company, being a good bridesmaid- helping with crafts, making phone calls for my union position, checking in with friends, planning a vacation, registering for fall quarter, etc.) it seems like my crews want to go out and paint the town. It's hard to complain about having a good time and meeting new people, but it sometimes hampers my will power to sit down and power through some of my tasks! It's nearly impossible to resist a 'fun crew', sometimes it comes in the form of inner tubing down a river or taking a bus into down town areas, or going wine tasting, or checking out brew pubs, or going to a rodeo or sitting by the pool drinking cool beverages out of ice buckets made of garbage cans.
This trip my goal was to make the guest book for my friends wedding. My overnight bag is full of paper, scissors,ribbon, envelopes, brads and glue sticks! I told myself that on my overnights I would bust out the best looking guestbook ever...but, of course, I have a fun crew! I have gotten a little guestbook-making done, and a little more drinking done! Now I don't dare work on the guestbook because I know crooked lines and half glued edges don't make for a quality project! least I know my limits!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sun with a chance of organization

I never did get to half the things on my list the other day, but I am alive, well, and just a slight bit more tan. That grocery shopping that I never did get to just means that I will have to eat out on my work trip this week- or find a grocery store in whatever city I am in. My room is still a mess, but I managed to 'go through' some things and get rid of some old clothes and projects that I will never get to. I didn't end up shopping for my friends' wedding gift- instead my family and I decided to buy some Euro for their honeymoon trip(now order Euro is added to my list for this week). My insurance company didn't lower my rate this month like I was expecting, and that call I neglected make a couple days ago is now truly warranted, definitely time to call...tomorrow?
I did end up going on that camping trip with my boyfriend and some friends, and per-usual I was scrambling to pack up my things to get out out of town & meet my boyfriend. The pack job was extra hectic but excusable because of my up coming move- after nearly 2 years of dating J and I have decided to move in together. The move-in was a good excuse to avoid properly packing for the camping trip, instead I threw a mix match of things(scrap booking supplies,dress shoes, my accordion file that is supposed to house my bills in it, lots of extra clothes, a bin with my uniforms in it) in a big box and hit the road. Once at J's house I unloaded some things to move in, and picked out some things to take with us on our camping trip and we were heading east before I knew it.
Our camping trip was so relaxing. We spent our time mostly eating delicious food, talking and hanging out by the river. The couple we went with have a camper trailer equipped with all the right gear, which made the preparing the delicious food easy. The amazing thing about this camper is that they always know where to find all their supplies in it! Clamps to hold the table cloth down- check, paper plates- check, smokey the bear cutout- check, bottle opener-check, sunscreen- check. J & my tent was another story. He says I make a nests- and messy ones at that- wherever we stay. My side of the tent was a pile of clothes and a backpack that I had to tear apart every time I wanted to add or subtract a layer of clothing as the temperature raised and lowered. I know if I kept things neatly folded I could avoid the chaos of outfit changes, so why can't I do it?
Today we drove back to J's house and on the way stopped to pick up an expanding file for a pile of paper that I brought to his house-since after all I am moving in soon. I volunteer for our union and my position has sent me to some pretty interesting trainings and I always come home with a handful of useful and informative papers. I have the best of intentions with these papers, but usually (well, every day before today) they get piled on top of or into another grouping of more papers, and when it comes time to find these papers with this useful information on them...well, they are no where to be seen! We spent a solid 10 minutes in the office supply isle but J didn't complain once because he knew that the time was being invested in a worthy cause.
My trusty new 13 pocket, durable, light weight expanding file with an additional accessory pocket and portable handle is perfect! Before J&I watched our rented movie tonight I tackled my paper pile. It feels so good to have that pile no longer piled up!
-Oh, and I secretly put away our sleeping bags in the storage room after packing my bag for my work trip tomorrow and before typing this up...maybe things are looking up on the procrastination front?-

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day One of Many

Today I assembled a 'to-do' list-for the near and not so near future. I always have the best intentions in mind when making lists- today for example:
I need to clean my bedroom, organize bills, call insurance company, take dog to park(it's beautiful outside), deep clean bathroom top to bottom, call grandparents, shop for food for my next work trip, shop for wedding gift for Stef&Joes wedding, go for a run(for the first time this month), pack for camping trip, pack for work, set up blog.'
These things are so simple when broken down into single actions, but I will successfully avoid half of them today. Why? Why is it so difficult to get up off the couch/chair/floor/bed and away from the TV/Book/newspaper/computer? I don't think of myself as a lazy person...I am not overwhelmed with all there is to accomplish, my work does not come home with me, my family- though crazy-is not what exactly is the problem?!
When it comes down to it, most things that need to be done- things that other people count on me doing, things that my life and personal comfort depend on- eventually get done, but usually while I am rushing around at the last minute and half-assing it.
My goal with this blog is to explore the reasons behind my procrastinating, figure out what ways I can successfully overcome it, and maybe even get some stuff done!